Steps of creating motivation when you have depression


Depression is among of critical problem which affect a lot of youth, gentleman and older , depression can also cause death or diseases of the heart and brain here are some motivation which can resolve your depression state.

1. Do opposite action toward what cause you to be stressful.

2. Set an alarm; this will help your mind to trigger others issues which you forget to do.

3.Make your bed; this will also allow you to be able to change idea which is in your mind through concentrating on that bed.

4. Wash up; go to bathroom bath yourself this will allow you to be free from physical tiredness related to stress issues.

5. Get dressed; after bathing pick clothes which you want to wear then do that action.

6. Go outside.

7. Choose one exercise

8. Make a list of activities

9. See family and friend

10. psychotherapy.

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