Rules of success said by 50 Cent


1.Be-leave yourself
Do not afraid to do what you like simply because others tell you that what you do does not have any advantage to you and also they tell you that your ability does not allow to do so. if you believe your self, you can achieve it.
2.Don’t be ashamed 
Never show inferiority about what you want to do, stand with your feet advocate yourself do not afraid about others views.
3.It will happen when it supposed to happen. 
like the statement say beleave it will happen at anytime which God will allow it to be seen physically no matter how long it will take feel it.
4.Be you 
Respect the idea of your subconscious mind trust yourself do yourself live yourself always hustle hard to present your own.
5.It is not about money
The first thing to have so as to success ed in life is idea which then you will present to people then money will come. do not relay on thinking about money only start with idea.
6.Do what you love 
If you will do what you like any kind of obstacles that came after your idea you will be able to fight against them.
7.Give back 
After you did any thing in your life do not fogert to go to those who need your help and support them with anything.
8.Have a sense of humor  
maintain the seriousness and happiness play with others talk with others a cheerfully things but also remember your responsibility of your daily life.
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