If you acquire wealth unjustly from others, then you are misusing your forces; But if your wealth comes through the right sources , you will be blessed.

New thought knows that there are now and always will be, some people who accept poverty as their natural portion.

Poverty and wealth are the result of internal states of mind and only as mind changes will materials change . Environment is only a big mirror in which we see ourselves reflected.

Our destiny changes with our thought. We shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do, our habitual thought corresponds with our desire.

Pure thought crystallize into habits of temperance and self control which solidify into circumstances of response and peace.

Get rich by creative method not competitive one, the first step towards acquiring wealth is to surround yourself with positive influence.

The petrol in your engine won’t move car until spark initiated. Hope, self confidence, and determination supply spark of your work energy.

Do things and usually have a power, practice make perfect.   

Woman decorate their faces but forget that ” what your tongue create can make you not decorated . 

If you want to be great serve first. We get as well as we give but start to give. 

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