Inspirational speech said by Dr Reginald Mengi


I born in family which accommodate children, cockroaches, goat, rats and cow. I had one school uniform working with bear foots , am example of poor Africa. Poverty is challenge not problem because  problem lies in your shoulder and put you down but challenge stay in-front of you and you start fight against it.

See yourself as a winner, A winner in the life see problem as challenges  universal life is different because you see live in real way, In God if you beleave  n power of God, you see anything is possible you’ll get push push push spirit beleave yourself that you can make things happen

Say yourself ” I can I must I will” I had no capital but that was not a problem it is a challenge I weak up with emty pocket then I say this “I can” do not take easy, be with attitude of hard work, Start with small but think Big because starting with small is natural way.

Know where you are going the moment you know it you will have plan then make a plan for your journey, you have to know where are you going do not go and return because you will end up with confused life. 

Grade yourself as  number one do not take second position, put highest value on your ability. The position you given yourself no one can take it, Do not trust person half way because if you can not delegate you can not expand , if person is committed you can improve his or her performance but if not committed but competent he or she can cheat you.

After you made go back to God thank to God and to people that make you rich. My money come from both poor and rich people .   

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