Inspirational Leadership Quotes VI


I prepare these inspirational leadership  quotes after reading and understanding the book called The law of success written by Napolon Hill also this famous fantastic author wrote the book called think and grow rich, both of this books become a top sells books in the world. This books can turn your mind into better positive thought generative attitude. 

1. ” I will make big difference to you as a person with a massage or a person with grievance”.

2. “The reason that most people they do not hear the story of their troubles is that they have a big flock of their own”.

3. “If your imagination is a mirror of your soul then you have a perfect right to stand before that mirror and see yourself as you wish to be”. 

4. “The more you use imagination the more it become efficient it will save you”.

5. “I know am here, I know I had nothing to do with my going therefore I will not worry because   worries are of no avail”.

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