Inspirational leadership Quotes session IV


I prepare these inspirational leadership  quotes after reading and understanding the book called The law of success written by Napolon Hill also this famous fantastic author wrote the book called think and grow rich, both of this books become a top sells books in the world. This books can turn your mind into better positive thought generative attitude.   

1. “Talk initiative, Think initiative, eat initiative and practice initiative”

2. “If you will not apply coordination in your leading area, You will lost your power”

3. “Service, Sacrifices, Self-control are words which must be well understood by the person who need success in doing something that is helpfully in world”.

4. “Make excuses for the shortcoming of others if you wish, but hold yourself to a strict accountability if you would attain leadership in any undertaking”.

5. “There is no substitute of accurate knowledge”.  

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