Inspiration Leadership Quotes session VII


I prepare these inspirational leadership  quotes after reading and understanding the book called The law of success written by Napolon Hill also this famous fantastic author wrote the book called think and grow rich, both of this books become a top sells books in the world. This books can turn your mind into better positive thought generative attitude. 

1. “Imagination mate failure and mistakes into asset of priceless value”

2. ” The greatest reverses and misfortunes of life often the door to golden opportunity”.

3. ” You will never know what is your capacity for achievement until you learn how to mix your effort with imagination”.

4. “If you have been wise and successfully, I congratulate you unless you are unable to forget how successfully you have been then I pity you”.

5. ” I never see a person trying to disclose the scarlet letter on another breast that I do not wonder If he doesn’t carry some mark of disagree which would have rained him had  been overtaken by justice”.  

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