Understand four strategies to maintain your success


   always plan before you start  your objective  stop buying things before you know selling market then after you knew it then buy. It is impossible to have progressive and  maintainable success if you do not sit and think on how you can run and carry the business or company which you establish.

   Talk calm with your clients provide service in good manner money will come to you. Use the word like “Thank you” even if customer come to your office and he or she did not buy anything in your business place. Use the word like “Welcome again” after your customer buy your service tell him or her to come again. Also make sure that  your facial expression is attractive to your customer do not be angry smile always.

Always practice make perfect also  do what you wish  never think loss think profit. Most of people never start be cause they afraid about getting loss this perception they can from their friends after telling them about what they want to implement which is very bad. You have to understand that if you start  you have 50% to success.
   Don’t afraid about what people plan  toward your business may copy your idea and use it stay focus in your plan. If you implement something and it become successfully in a community which you live another community members they can copy your idea do not panic  what you need to do is to increase creativity in your business so that it become unique.


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