Masturbation is an action of massaging, scratching penis or vagina which can lead friction which cause orgasm. Masturbation is now become a critical situation face youth who are in school but also in the street it practiced by both male and female, most female they use tools like banana, vegetable and others while male use ky jells to apply on their penis. Now days youth become affect with this situation. 


  •  Ease tension in both male or female
  • make male or female feel light
  • prevent sick by too much deposit of sperm
  • Prevent a man for having sex without woman
  • Satisfy both male or female
  • Reduce sexual transmitted disease 
  • preserve virgin guy
  • Cool and aroused body
  • Best way to collect sperm for analysis

  • It is serious sin in the holy bible
  • It make penis or dick to be weak when used to woman
  • Penis develop too much vein led to be unattractive
  • It causes infection to the vagina
  • It weaken the reproductive hormone
  • It reduce the period of ejaculation in man.
  • It cause cancer to woman
  • It causes infertility in womwn
  • It can lead sperm disability which can cause abnormal child.
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